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It was another peaceful night in a remote village among the Dark Forest, but interupted by the vicious howling of the wolves from afar. In a small cabin, a little girl was kneeling on her bed, praying. Next to her stood a disproportionately giant scythes Indeed, she was praying for the return of the legendary hunter - Roger. Only he could save the villiage from being vandalised by the wolves. ########Years earlier, Roger saved her family by accident when he was wandering on the Land of Dawn. His bravery took a huge toll on the wolves. Under the request from the elderly in the village, Roger finally stayed to train the villagers. One day, he left the village without any notice, and no trace to be found. ########What happened in the fairy tales can seldom be the same in reality. On a silent, moonless night, Pale Tusk,the wolf king, caught the village off guard and sneaked in with his kind. In the end, the grandfather and grandmother died from protecting Ruby, who in turn made a narrow escape by hiding under the corpse of the grandparents. No one could imagine that from the moment she witnessed her grandparent\'s death, her character completely changed. Outraged, she got back on her feet, picked up the scythes, rushed into the wolves and slaughtered almost all of them. Under the seemingly weak appearance now lies an unsettling, irritable soul. Pale Tusk was the only survivor among the wolves. Staring at the skyline, Ruby determined to put a happy end for all the good people in evey story. Pale Tusk was never defeated before, but this time it came in the severest way. Ruby gradually regained consciousness after Pale Tusk left. But whenever the wolves howl, her eyes become once more filled with rage.

  • Counters

    Lapu-Lapu Ruby ults and stuns, while Lapu ults and bursts.
    Tigreal You can cancel his 3rd skill with your 2nd skill or Ult (Gets canceled with any stun). Also, you can interrupt his 2nd skill when he finishes the first charge with your 2nd skill and jump away
    Chou His 2nd skill makes him immune to CC and may be a problem if you want to stun him before he stuns and ults you.
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