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Deep within the mountains, darkness reigns over everything. The only light is the crimson lava that flows in the bottomless crevices. Since the beginning of the abyss\'s reign on the mainland, countless demons became loyal followers of the Abyss. Fervent in their beliefs, the demons chant the will of the Abyss in these deep caverns — Only the strong deserve to rule! ########Guarding the Abyss for millenniums, a tribe of fire demons nearly became the rulers of the Abyss. Thamuz, the king of the fire demons, and his people made the Abyss into a formidable power. He was an excellent warrior, with a fierce temper, unabashed to use cruel methods in achieving his goals. Possessing ungodly natural strength, Thamuz was appointed chief of the abyss, who led the abyss to conquer all of the underworld. ########To Thamuz, all of his opponents were worthless scum, unworthy of living in this world. In his eyes, only he was worthy to lead. Thamuz could not accept the Blood Demon, Alice, as her bloodline was not pure — Thus, unworthy to command and enter war.########With the gates to the Abyss about to open, legions of demons eagerly await Thamuz’s return. However, once the King of Fire Demons returns he will burn away all the weak demons—Only the strong deserve to be a part of the Abyssal Army. Thamuz has been waiting for the day he leads the Abyssal Army across the Land of Dawn to let it be known — Only the strong shall reign!

  • Counters

    Angela Both group control and immune control can greatly enhance their characteristics.
    Miya The lack of displacement of the continuous damage heroes in the face of thamuz's pursuit of lack of response.
    Minotaur Both physical attack immunity and forced displacement pose a very high threat to thamuz
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