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Tigreal is the Captain of the Imperial Capital’s Mosennia Captain of Knights. Even as a child, he wanted nothing more than to become a great knight of the Empire. From his youth Tigreal was a loyal believer in the Lord of Light. He swore to become a member of the Knight’s Order to defend the status and symbold of the Mosennia Empire throughout the Land of Dawn. He dedicated all his time to training. In each of their training simulations and tests Tigreal’s performance became the benchmark that no other knight’s could surpass. His mentors were the most revered of all the Imperial Knights. In order to prove himself and surpass them, he dedicated more time and energy than most people possess to his betterment; even the smallest mistakes in his training would be corrected and practice repeatedly in his free time. Eventually, his mentors declared him the Captain with the highest potential in all of the Knight’s Order.########His mentors’ comments gave Tigreal complete confidence in his abilities. Even the strongest of heroes, however, is not without weakness. While hunting demons during one of their trial missions Tigreal showed the slightest amount of compassion, hesitating to make a kill. In that moment of hesitation, he was ambushed by the demons and gravely injured. He watched helplessly as his mentors sacrificed themselves to save him. It was this mission that made Tigreal understand that if he wanted his name recorded in the histories of the land, he still had a long path ahead of him. After the returning to the empire, Tigreal became even more strict with himself. He required each of his men to come back from every mission without a single loss, and wouldn’t tolerate a single mistake from any of his subordinates.########Ever since then the Paladin Tigreal can be seen at the frontlines of the battle, where he has never been defeated. Even the most evil of enemies don’t dare to provoke Tigreal in battle, because they know to do so would be to suffer his merciless as

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    Gord Tigreal put all the enemies together with his skill combination and gord with his stun and ultimate kills them all while Tigreal has all of them stunned. The most of the times my friend gets Triple Kill/Maniac and even once he reached Savage by doing this combo. A nice team.
    Miya The only mobility Miya has is her Ultimate, and it has a big cooldown, making Tigreal able to reach her while escaping by using Flicker and 2nd ability, and even only his 2nd would be enough.
    Eudora It is obvious why she is here, she has a stun that lasts enough to let the enemy team lower your hp faster if you don't take care, Tigreal is pretty hard, but not inmortal like Argus with his Ulti. Keep an eye on it.
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