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Chungmugong Yi Sun-shin was a famous general in an Asian kingdom. He was extremely loyal and of prowess. At the time when the nation was in danger, Yi Sun-shin built a powerful navy and created the iron armored \'turtle ship\', making indelible contribution to Korea Kingdom for dominating around sea areas. \'Wherever iron turtle ships sail on, the sea areas belong to me.\' said Yi. ########Yi was excellent at \'overtaking majority with the minority\'. Under the leadership of Him, Korean navy defeated over 330 enemy warships with only 12 ships, gaining the great triumph of Battle of Myeongnyang. To this day, the legend of this Asian general still lives on in the people\'s hearts.

  • Counters

    Grock Mino or Grock or Tanks in general, they are the ideal partners, Having them being about to take a few hits or 2, will allow you to do more damage to the enemy as they soak up CCs and damage for you
    Estes Estes, Thanks to your Global Ult, you’re pretty much guaranteed to apply some debuffs on the enemy, so long as you grab Deadly Blade, You’re pretty much checking Estes or any heroes that are relying on Lifesteal and SpellVamp to carry the game
    Natalia The Silence and her damage could shred you before you can even do anything, honestly speaking though she checks ALMOST EVERYONE with the silence
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