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A great civilization rose out of the ashes of history, but the aggressive nature of the Kastiyans have persisted to the present. Kastiyans use their time space warping and psionic mind abilities to vanquish weaker races at pleasure. ########After countless generations of evolution, the Kastiyans have been able to fully mentally manipulate the insect spirit \"Domorey\", or the \'nightmaric spawn\' as they call her in the Kastiyan language. This immortal spirit is able to appear at anywhere, with enough power to break through any known physical or magical barriers. ########After the Kastiyans brought her back to their home planet, they inscribed her spirit into an almighty staff. This staff is now wielded by the King of the Kastiyans, Zhask,who has already used it to invade numerous worlds. Through invasion, the Kastiyans have been able to enslave the minds of the inhabitants and plunder all their resources. ########Zhask, has left his  \'Plane Dominator\' signature on the many worlds that he has scourged. One of the many spirit he sent out to scout for ripe worlds, was entrapped by the Saintly Angel Argus, but however, after Argus was downcasted, the spirit escaped and re-established the link with the motherbrood. This in turned made Zhask aware of the Land of Dawn. Seeing the vast resources that are ripe for the plunder, Zhask has landed upon the fabled land, to do what he does best:  Dominate, Kill and Reap.

  • Counters

    Lolita Lolita’s shield can protect Zhask, allowing him to maintain high damage, especially when using his ultimate.
    Alucard When entering a fight, this kind of hero will take a lot of damage from Zhask’s Nightmaric Spawn.
    Gord Gord can cause high damage to Zhask outside of his summoned minions’ range.
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