Belerick FAQs

Hey Legends! This is Engr. JM, at your service!

This guide will focus about Belerick and some Frequently Asked Questions about him.


I. Hero Specialty

II. Hero Weakness

III. Skill Introduction



I. Hero Specialty


Return Damage



II. Hero Weakness

Burst Damage

Damage based on Missing HP


III. Skill Introduction


Flower of Life

The HP buffs of equipment items are increased by 20%. For every 200 points of damage inflicted upon Belerick, the Flower of Life attacks in the direction of an enemy unit, dealing 25 points of Magic Damage in addition to 2% of Belerick’s total HP. The Flower of Life first attacks nearby enemy units marked with Nature’s Seed.

Skill 1:

Nature’s Seed

Belerick casts vines in a designated area, dealing Magic Damage to enemies on the path and in the area, and reducing their movement speeds by 40%. It also inflicts a Nature’s Seed mark on a random enemy hero and gets the hero’s vision.











Skill 2:

Power of Nature

Belerick sacrifices HP to increase his movement speed by 40% and strengthens his next basic attack, which deals Physical Damage and 6% of his lost HP. Enemy targets are immobilized for 1.2 seconds.


Ultimate Skill

Nature’s Shield

Belerick recovers 10% of his HP and creates a guarded area. When allied heroes within that area take damage, Belerick will absorb 40% of their damage taken. While this skill is active, damage dealt to Belerick is reduced by 30%.









1. What is the best Spell for Belerick?

Flicker is best for Belerick for flexible mobility.


2. How should I level up Belerick’s Skills?

Max Skill 2 first.

Max Skill 1 last.

Level up Ultimate if available.

3. Can I move while using Belerick’s skills?

Yes. Use Skill 2 to gain Movement Speed bonus too.

4. How do I poke enemies?

Use Skill 1 to poke.

To initiate, Use Skill 2 to immobilize the enemy.

5. Can Belerick’s skills go through walls?

Only Skill 1.

6. When do I use Ultimate?

a. Use when the enemy is focused in clashing.

b. Use to heal when your HP is low.


7. What is the Skill Combo for Belerick?

Use Skill 2 to speed up

Then use Skill 1 to slow the enemy.

Then hit the enemy with Basic attack to immobilize.

Always pick a good partner to deal extra damage while the enemy is immobilized.

Use Ult when needed.

8. What are the most essential items for Belerick?

Items with bonus HP are the best for Belerick, Sky Guardian Helmet for example gives the highest HP bonus in game.

9. What are your equipment builds for Belerick?

Tanky Build with High HP equipments.


10. What Emblem Set is best for Belerick?

Custom Tank Emblem Set with Attack and Defense.


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