Roger Skills Explanation

Passive: Full Moon Curse

In human form, Rogers basic attacks reduce enemy movement speed by 20%. In wolf form, his basic attacks deal extra damage that equals to 5% of the lost HP of the enemy (up to 60 extra damage to Jungle Monsters).


Skill 1: Open Fire

Roger rapidly shoots twice, dealing 300(+120%Total Physical ATK) points of physical damage in total. The first Hunter Net slows the enemy, the second one reduces enemy defense by 10.


Additional info:

You can use Open Fire to poke enemy hero while also clearing minion wave.

You could chase the enemy by casting this skill.

You could also cast this skill to run away by slowing the enemy hero.

Lycan Pounce

Roger jump towards the target, dealing, dealing 300(+120%Total Physical ATK) points of physical damage to up to 3 enemies while going into unselected status. Killing or assisting reduces cooldown of this skill by 80%.


Additional info:

You could avoid any CC effects by casting this skill.

You are immune to basic attack when casting this skill.  


Skill 2: Hunters Steps

Increase his movement speed by 50% for 2.5 seconds.


Additional info:

Use this skill to easily chase an enemy hero.

You could retreat quickly with this skill.


Bloodthirsty Howl

Roger lets out a howl, increasing the heros attacks speed by 15% for 4 seconds. During the effect, if there is an enemy with less than 40% HP in the heros field of vision, his movement speed will increase 50%. Making basic attacks on enemies while in wolf form will extend the duration of this effect.


Additional info:

This skill is meant to enhance your attack speed when fighting the enemy hero. Therefore, always activate this skill immediately before engaging into battle.

Try to use the 50% speed buff as your benefit to chase any lowered health enemy heroes.

Ultimate: Wolf Transformation

Roger lunges forward and turns into a wolf, dealing 200(+100%Extra Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage and causing enemy movement speed to drop 90%, last 1.5 seconds. Wolf form raises his physical and magic defense by 25 and increases his movement speed by 25.


Additional info:

This skill enhances Rogers both physical and magic defense which makes Roger more durable in wolf form.

Try to always engage into battle with wolf form as the defense and power are both stronger than human form.

You could chase the enemy faster by turning into wolf.

You could also use this skill to retreat quickly from the enemy.

Restore Human Form

Roger rolls in a specified direction and turns into a human, gaining a 200(+200%Extra Physical ATK) damage-absorbing shield which lasts 1.5 seconds.


Additional info:

If the enemy has very little HP left and you could not chase him, turn back into human form in order to use long range attack to have a chance to last hit the enemy hero.



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