Key Insight

Harith gains insight from his Key. He gains 23% Resilience per enemy, three at most. Roughly 70% in total. 

What is Resilience?

Reduction of CC timing.


For example, if a stun is 2 seconds long and you have 70% Resilience, the total stun time will be reduced to only 0.6 seconds.


100% = 2 seconds

100% - 70% = 30%

30% = 0.6 seconds

Skill 1:

Synchro Fission - CD 5.0  Mana Cost: 50



Magic in the circle will crit

Your skill to clear waves

The skill description implies that Harith moves towards the center to meet his phantom but he stays in the same position


Making sure enemies land in the circle:

Dash → Skill 1 →Enchanced Autoattack

Skill 2:

Chrono Dash - CD: 10.0  Mana Cost: 45

Harith dashes towards the designated direction. When arrives, he steals the Magic Attack of nearby enemy heroes and generates a shield that absorbs at least 400 points of damage. Harith’s next basic attack deals 310 points of Magic Damage and slows enemies by 70%. Hitting an enemy with Harith’s enhanced basic attack reduces the cooldown of the next Chrono Dash by 4s.






Note that Harith will only get a shield if he dashes near an enemy. If there are only jungle monsters and minions around, he won’t get the shield. However, his enhanced basic attack doesn’t need to hit the enemy for him to get the shield.

He doesn’t gain any magic power from stealing from other heroes

Magic damage works on towers as well


Use it as much as you can on enemy heroes and not minions since it’ll reduce your cooldown and give you a shield

You can check if enemies are in bush by dashing. If your shield comes up, an enemy is nearby.


Zaman Force - CD: 40.0  Mana Cost: 120



Harith uses his Key to summon the Zaman Force. When the multidirectional rift appears, the next cooldown of Chrono Dash is reduced by 4s. The rift then immobilizes nearby enemy heroes for 1.2s and slows them by 50% for a period of time. If Harith comes into contact with the rift when using Chrono Dash, he will absorb the energy within it, so as to reduce the cooldown of the next Synchro Fission/Chrono Dash by 1s/4s respectively.


Note that your cooldown doesn’t reduce if Harith comes in contact with the “handles” of the sword

You HAVE to use your dash for your cooldowns to decrease. If you just walk onto it, it will not activate.

While dashing, you don’t have to land on the rift, you just need to come in contact with it while dashing

I started standing on one side:


I dashed and landed on the other side, but my cooldown is still reduced:



Handles count as being part of the skill range, even though the indicator doesn’t include it. Enemies will still be rooted and your cooldowns will still be reduced if you touch it while dashing


While using your dash, take note to come in contact with your ult or your cooldown will go back to 10 seconds

Try to use your first skill right before using your ultimate so that the cooldown can be reduced while ulted



Demon Boots

+30 Mana Regen

+ 40 Movement SPD

Unique Passive - Mysticism:

Eliminations of enemy heroes and assists regenerate hero’s mana by 10%, while eliminating minions regenerates 4% of the hero’s mana.



Rapid Boots

+90 Movement Speed


(Reduced to 45 whenever hero takes or deals damage.)



Magic Shoes

+10% CD Reduction

+40 Movement Speed


Demon Boots is good if you aren’t getting buff, or else go for either Rapid Boots or Magic Shoes, depending on whether you trust your tanks to protect you or not.


However, if you are going to build Fleeting Time afterward, I recommend not building Magic Shoes. Fleeting Time greatly reduces the cooldown of your ult, so you don’t need to worry much about the cooldown of your other heroes.



Calamity Reaper

+70 Magic Power

+100 Mana

+30 Mana Regen

+10% CD Reduction


Unique Passive - Calamity:

After using a skill, the next basic attack deals extra true damage that equals to 120% magic attack with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds. Briefly raises movement speed by 10%.


Goes well with his enhanced basic attack.



 Concentrated Energy

+70 Magic Power

+700 HP
+25% Spell Vamp


Unique Passive - Recharge:

Kill enemy hero to recover HP by 10%


Obviously, for survivability and sustainability



Feather of Heaven

+65 Magic Power

+30% Attack Speed(+15 Movement Speed)

+5% Movement Speed


Unique Passive - Affliction:

Basic attacks will deal 40% of the hero’s AP as additional Magic Damage.


Again, adds extra magic damage to your enhanced auto attack.



Fleeting Time

+70 Magic Power

+15% CD Reduction


Unique Passive - Timestream:

After an elimination or an assist, the CD of the hero’s ultimate is immediately reduced by 35%.


Your ultimate allows you to spam your other skills. Harith is built more for going head to head with an enemy than jungling or split pushing, so it is recommended that you participate in teamfights. With a consistent stream of kills and assists, Fleeting Time will be greatly beneficial.



Blood Wings

+150 Magic Power

+500 HP


Unique Passive - Nirvana:

Adds 1.5 HP for every 1 point of magic power added.


Good for more added survivability




Dominance Ice

+500 Mana

+70 Armor

+10% Crit Chance Reduction

+10% CD Reduction


Unique Passive - Arctic Cold:

Lowers movement speed 5% and lowers attack speed 30% for nearby enemy heroes.


At first, it seems like an odd choice, but his ultimate sends him into the front lines. Dominance Ice debuffs enemies around him. Moreover, he will get extra mana.




+800 HP

+30 Mana Regen

+10% CD Reduction

+40 Armor


Unique Passive - Thunderbolt:

After a hero activates a skill, their next basic attack deals bonus damage equal to 2% of the hero’s max HP. The enemy unit/hero and any surrounding units/heroes are slowed for 1.5s.


Gives his enhanced autos an extra slow.



Holy Crystal

+90 Magic Power

+25% Magic Power


Passive - Exterminate:
After a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect. This effect can last up to 3 seconds with a built-in cooldown time of 10 seconds.


After using your ultimate, your next skill will deal extra magic damage. It works well with Blood Wings since the magic power added is extremely high. You can replace Fleeting Time with this.




Custom Mage:

Mastery - 3/3

Observation - 2/3 ━ Catastrophe - 1/3


Impure Rage


Dealing damage with skills adds extra damage that equals to 4% of the target’s current HP as Magic Damage and restores 3% of your Mana. This effect has a 5 second cooldown.





An all-purpose spell.




If you are expected to go mid.




To be safe. Your dash will usually have a high cooldown if aren’t using your ultimate so it’s not always the most reliable form of escape.


Heroes that Counter Him:

Kaja, Saber, Uranus

Heroes that have single-target, long stuns



Has a root that stops him from dashing, which interferes with his cooldown reduction. Her ult also forces him to leave his ult area


Heroes that He Counters:


Able to break her ult’s link with his dashes



After ulting, Harley needs to aim his cards, and he can simply dash away



His built focuses a lot on enhancing his auto attacks, and Natalia can make herself immune to it



Should you play Harith?

His ultimate bringing him into the front lines is a big problem. He also doesn’t seem to deal as much early game damage as most other mobile mages like Harley and Kagura.


Lunox is a much better choice that he is right now. Lunox’s first deals higher damage than Harith’s dash. His continuous barrage of damage is also less accessible than Lunox’s since if he needs to come in contact with his ult and also has a cooldown to an extent.



(Moon Elves)

Political allies



Has a crush on Harith(feelings aren’t mutual)



Respected and acknowledged Harith

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