Aethereal Defender – Uranus (Tank)


Did you ever ponder why tank users are the players who dies the most in the game? It is not because they are novice, it is because they play their role perfectly in the game. Tank heroes are usually in the front line and would absorb the most damage from the enemy in order to protect the most fragile hero of your team. Usually a tank hero would provide enough absorb damage or stun abilities to your enemies in order to limit the damage they can cause for your team.  A tank has high stats in terms of their defensive property thus making them the most durable hero in the game. But just because they are the most durable does not mean that they cannot die in the game, as mention before tank heroes are usually the one who dies the most since they will sacrifice themselves in order for their team to win the fight. They would let themselves become the shield in every fight so that the marksman/assassin/fighter of your line up would survive and be able to sustain the damage they can deliver on your opponent. In order to become a more effective tank for your team, you need to become the most durable hero you can be. Providing enough shield for your team while causing havoc in the enemy line would greatly help you win as many stars in rank games that you can ever imagine.



With the introduction of Uranus, the new tank player in the game. You could say that he will be a force to be reckoned with because of his durability in the game. He is able to sustain himself by providing enough regeneration while being attacked. He can also provide absorb damage for himself to sustain longer in the game. Uranus has also immunity to slow effect that can be quite useful when he needs to escape from the fight if necessary and at the same time he can increase his movement speed thus making him harder to kill in the game. Being a tank that can act as a shield that can last longer than any other hero would be a great help for your team. In order for you to maximize his skill, you need to buy the proper gear that can further enhance his abilities. One important thing to consider when buying the right item for him is buy understanding and reading carefully the descriptions of his abilities so that you will know the scope and delimitation of your hero. In this guide I will try to further explain his different skills so that you will have a proper understanding on what kind of a tank hero Uranus can be.




Passive – Radiance

Uranus cam absorb the energy generated by attacks made against him to strengthen himself, regenerating 3-10 HP per second for each stack, over 8s. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times. This passive skill is a very useful ability for a tank hero since you will be the one protecting your team by being in the front line and absorbing majority of the damage from your enemy. With this skill, you are able to regenerate faster when you take more damages thus making you a very powerful tank.


1st Skill – Ionic Orbit

Uranus releases two energy spheres that orbit around him, dealing magic damage to enemy targets, while reducing their physical attack and magic power by 15% and their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Each stack of Radiance increases damage dealt by 3%. Each energy sphere can only deal damage to the same target once. This skill can help you catch enemy heroes when you are initiating. You can slow them down and reduce their offence by reducing their damage.

Cooldown 7/6/5/4/4/3

Skill Consumption 75/80/85/90/95/100

Base Damage 125/140/155/170/185/200



2nd Skill -Transcendent Ward

Uranus generates an energy shield that absorbs up to 400 (+200% Total Magic Power) damage for 4 seconds and grants him immunity to slow effect, while increasing his movement speed by 30%. This shield deals 300 (+150% Total Magic Power) magic damage to nearby enemies when broken, or at the end of its duration. As an initiator of your team. You can further maximize your role as a tank by generating a shield for yourself when you are absorbing damage from your enemies and at the same time you can deliver a significant amount of damage in the process.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Skill Consumption 80/90/100/110/120/130

Energy Shield 400/520/640/760/880/1000

Ranged Damage 300/390/480


Ultimate Skill - Consecration

Uranus unleashes energy stored within his body to disable the designated enemy hero, dealing 150 (80% Total Magic Power) magic damage while granting himself 6 stacks of Radiance. After briefly disabling the target, Uranus pulls himself and the target together, dealing 300 (+160% Total Magic Power) magic damage. This skill is very useful in team fight as you can disable your enemy. Together with your other skill set, you can stun and slow them and at the same time absorb the damage they can deliver to your team. The only drawback for this skill is that you can only target one hero at a time so choosing the most significant hero of your enemy could create a big difference in the outcome of your fight.

Cooldown 50/45/40

Skill Consumption 100/125/150

Base Damage 150/225/300

Combo Damage 300/450/600


Gear Set

If you notice the skills he has, he specializes more on slowing and disabling his enemies and at the same time he can further increase his speed, regenerate his HP and also provide a shield for himself. With this unique set of abilities you can become a great durable initiator for your team. In order for you to fully utilize his skills, you need to select the best gears that can amplify his abilities. Remember the gear you provide your hero will make a huge difference on your game performance.

For the early part of the game, the most preferred item you need to buy first is the Boots of TranquilityAlthough Uranus is a tank hero and some would use the warrior boots since it will increase his armor, I would recommend the tranquility boots more because it can further amplify your passive skill. As mention before, when buying the gears for your hero, you also need to consider if this gear will complement your skills. For the boots of tranquility, aside from the additional +40 movement speed it can provide, it also provides +20 HP regen and +20 mana regen. The unique passive ability of this boots is the main reason why you need to choose this boots for Uranus since it will give you an increase of 10% HP regen effects.  The additional 10% increase can already help you become a durable tank in the early game as it will amplify your passive ability and giving you enough regen effect.

Once you got your tranquility boots, the next item you want to build for your gear set should concentrate more on defense. For my choice of the first item to buy I would suggest to you the Oracle, this item will provide you 8% HP within 4 seconds after being attacked and has a 6 seconds cooldown time. Aside from that, it will also provide you +850 HP, +36 points of magic resistance and +35 HP regeneration to make you more durable in team fight. If you notice the first two items that I have recommended, I concentrated more on the items that gives regen effects to your hero, the reason behind this is so that you can further amplify your passive ability. Remember, his passive skill is his primary defense ability against his enemies.  With the boots of tranquility and the oracle as your first two items, you are able to make Uranus a very durable tank hero already because of the rapid HP regeneration that you have provided him.

Now that you have already increased his HP regen capability, you can now concentrate in building up his armor so that he would take less damage in battle. One specific defense item that you can provide him is the Demon’s Advent. This item is quite useful for Uranus because aside from the+950 HP, +54 armor and +30 HP regen it will also give you a unique passive ability wherein he could reduce the attack power by 6% of any enemy that would try to harm himThe first three items on this gear list is already enough to make you a very durably tank. Together with his passive regeneration skill. These three item would make him a harder hero to be killed since everytime your enemy hero is attacking you, you will keep on regenerating because of your passive skill along with your first two gears. Now with the addition of the Demon’s Advent, you are able to further decrease the attack power of your enemy each time they try to hit you. Making you a hard tank to kill from the game. With just three item on your list. You could clearly see how effective Uranus as a tank for your team.

One disadvatage of being a tank hero is that when majority of your enemy hero will focus on you, they can rapidly decrease your HP despite having a great regen ability. In order for you te prevent this from happening, you need to decrease their attack speed so that you will take less damage and giving you enough time to regenerate your HP. One specific item that can help you with this problem is the Dominance Ice. This item will give you +70 armor, 5% critical strike rate reduction and 15% cooldown reduction with a unique passive ability that can decrease the movement speed of your enemy by 5% and 30% attack speed reduction. Now what if you’re in a very critical position wherein the damage ratio of your enemy with your regen capability does not match? For example, your enemy hero can deliver massive damage in one blow that can critically injure you very quick. This item could resolve this problem by lowering their critical strike and at the same time making their attack speed slower. In this way, you can properly defend your team without being killed fast by your enemies.

Now that you are able to increase your defense and regen ability from your first four items. The next thing you can do for Uranus is to give him additional damage without sacrificing gears that he will need to build up for his defense. You can do this by giving him the ability of returning a certain amount of damage to the attack dealer. One specific item that can give you this ability is the  Blade Armor. In all the gears you can buy in the game, this specific gear is probably the best in terms of bonus armor it can provide since it can give you +90 armor (the highest amount of armor that you can gain from the game). Higher amount of armor means lesser damage you can receive. While being the best defense item on your list, it also gives a unique passive ability that will let Uranus deal 25% of opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.  Together with your other gear set. This item will further enhance your tank capability in weakening your enemies. Aside from your insane regen effects, bonus armor and damage reduction abilities, this item will help you ricochet a certain amount of damage back to the attacker base on their physical attacks. To add more damage with this effect, you could also add more damage to nearby enemy heroes by equipping him with the Cursed Helmet. This item provides 920 HP and 50 magic resistance it will also provide a unique passive ability that deals 1.5% of one’s max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies, and deals extra 50% of damage to minions. As the description implies, this gear would give you bonus damage to nearby enemies over time so whenever your enemy heroes try to attack you, you are inflicting damage to their HP by just being near to you making Uranus a very hard tank to kill.


Battle Spell

Aside from the different types  of gear you can provide your hero, selecting the best battle spell for uranus is also important because this serves as a bonus skill for you that will complement your abilities. For Uranus, the best battle spell you can provide him is Petrify because as an initiator hero in the game and being the one in the frontline, one of your main task aside from being the shield for your teaam you also need to help in crowd controlling your enemy. The mini stun this item can provide would greatly help your teammates in winning the fight. This battle spell can provide additional 115-325 magic damage to surrounding enemies (increases with level) and petrifies the target for 0.7 seconds. The stun ability this item can provide to your enemies can already help your team to build the momentum when executing their attacks.

Emblem Set


Since Uranus is a tank hero, I highly recommend using the tank emblem.   This emblem will provide you with the right tools in making him a stronger and powerful tank for your team by enhancing his defensive property. You can further boost his stats and gain additional passive skill from the talent points that is provided in this emblem.



Figure xxx. Tank Emblem

This emblem provides you with the following upgrade for your skills: +10 Armor, +10 Magic resistance, +345 Health points, +2% CD Reduction and +18 HP regeneration at maximum level. Aside from this, you are also given the option of selecting the best suited talent points for your hero. For Uranus, I advise you to maximize his armor more to make him harder to kill by your enemy and when you are in team fight, you can last longer in the game and provide enough time to help your team.

The first row of talent points are:


Vitality – Provides additional 200 HP points at maximum level



Firmness – Provides additional 12 armor at maximum level



Shield – Provides additional 12 magic resistance at maximum level

 For the first set of talent points. I highly recommend you choosing the firmness talent since you will be providing Uranus additional armor which will make him more durable especially in the early game.


The second row of talent points are:


Inspire – Provides additional 8% CD reduction at maximum level



Fortress – Provides additional 8% increase armor at maximum level



Purify – Provides additional 8% increase magic resistance at maximum level

   For the second set of talent points. I recommend you choosing the fortress talent since you can increase your armor further by 8% and gaining additional armor from item will further increase this by 8% and thus making your hero more harder to kill.

For the last row, the talent point section will provide you different set of additional abilities for your hero. This abilities will give you extra passive skill that will further help you benefit in the game.


Tenacity – This talent will give you a passive ability that whenever your health is below 40%, you will gaiin an increased 35 points of physical and magical defense.


Brave Smite – By crowd controlling your enemy you will gain 5% maximum HP and will have a 10 seconds cooldown.



Attack and Defense – Converts 0.40% of max HP to physical and magic attack


For the additional passive skills that the tank emblem can provide. You cannot go wrong in picking any of this abilities since they provide great passive skill for Uranus. Depending on how you want to play Uranus. Either by becoming an offensive tank or more defensive tank. Choosing any of this skill will greatly benefit you.  For my personal choice, I would recommend choosing the Brave Smite talent because if you play Uranus as the primary tank for your team, you should think of ways on how to make him last longer in the game and by providing him additional HP regeneration capability, you can have unlimited regen from your skills, you item set and another additional HP regen from the talent points thus making him the regen master of the game. A tank that would be very hard to kill in the game.

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