Queen of the North – Aurora (Mage)


· Crowd Control

· Burst Damage

· Stun


Aurora is one of the best crowd control heroes to use as she can deliver a really heavy damage to the opponents. With her ice power, she can frost and damage heroes, providing double damage.




Passive – Pride of Ice

Each time the skill is released, one unit of frost energy is added to the hero. When 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next skill damage freezes the target. All skills cause extra magic damage to the frozen target.

What’s cool about Aurora’s passive is that, the more you use your skills, the faster you earn frost energy, hence, the additional damage it gives with the frost that comes with the next skill. This is very useful in preventing heroes to escape or in delaying them when they are after her.



                                 Figure 1. Freezing the enemy with Aurora’s passive ability

1ST Skill – Frost Shock

Fires forward a Frost Energy Missile. When it hits the enemy, it will detonate and deal Magic Damage and slow enemies down.

  Provides additional 130% total magic power from equipped items

  Cooldown: 4 seconds

  Skill Consumption: 60/70/80/90/100/110

  Base Damage: 300/360/420/480/540/600


This skill has a quite long range. Before releasing, make sure to always point it towards the target or else, it would automatically hit the nearest minion or monster instead of the enemy hero, or worse, nothing. We don’t like to waste mana.

This skill can hit 2-3 heroes or minions that are clustered together in a spot, dealing magical damage and slowing them down, which is advantageous when enemies are trying to run away or when they are chasing her. Since it has a long range, this is also good to use when trying to kill enemies with low HP who are running away. Use this with frost to an additional damage and to freeze enemies.



Figure 2. Frost Shock being cast at enemy

2ND Skill – Bitter Frost

Deals magic damage at specified target and causes target’s movement speed to drop 80% for 1.5s.  

Provides additional 180% total magic power from equipped items  Cooldown: 11 seconds

Skill Consumption: 110/125/140/155/170/180

Base Damage: 430/510/590/670/750/830 

  This skill has a greater damage compared to the first one and unlike it, it cannot be released without any nearby enemy hero, minion, or neutral creep. Moreover, this skill only hits one target, so make sure to use it with an enemy who deserves it, the damage-bringer or the one with the lowest HP. When frost is available, using this greatly wounds an enemy and when that hero already has low HP, it could be a sure kill.



Figure 3. Skill Frost being cast showing a blue smoke effect on the area



3rd Skill – Coldness Destroy

Summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location. All enemy heroes hit  are slowed down and receive magic damage. Surrounding enemies of the target location where the rock lands are also slowed down and receive magic damage. 

Provides additional 180% total magic power for its core damage and 90% total magic   power for its side damage

   Cooldown: 40/35/30s

 Skill Consumption: 160/200/240

  Core Damage: 900/1100/1300

  Side Damage: 450/550/650


Basically, Aurora’s ultimate is a crowd-control. When the team is in a clash, casting this spell would cause wrath to fall down the enemies that are hit and in close range to the area. It is best to use this when frost is available in order to not only bring damage to enemies but freeze them as well, making then incapable of running away nor using their skills for a few seconds.


The key to successfully execute this and maximize its damage is timing and position. Be very mindful when and where you release her ultimate skill since it would make or break your battle. Cast this when the enemies are gathered together in a certain spot and make sure to have the icy rock land in the middle to ensure that all those in the area get frozen. Be aware also if the enemies has already used their skills. It is best to use Aurora’s 3rd skill when enemies are most vulnerable – when they have used their skills and battle spells. That’s why timing is very crucial here.



Figure 4. Coldness Destroy being cast at the opponent



Bitter-Shock Frost

This is done by hitting the hero with a frosted 2nd skill to deal an already huge amount of damage while freezing the enemy, then adding a follow-up damage with the 1st skill. This would not kill the hero all at once if it has full HP, but this works to an already bleeding hero or even with half HP. When one-on-one with an enemy, use basic attack first to deal little but frequent damage, then use the first skill to earn frost energy while keeping your distance with the opponent. When frost is available, you may flicker closer to the enemy (if not within range) to cast the 2nd skill followed immediately by the 1st skill.



Figure 5. Bitter Shock Combo



Just like all other heroes who use all of their skills during a one-on-one fight, this is the best order for Aurora’s skills to be casted. First, ensure that frost is ready. Hit enemy with 2nd skill, and while it cannot move, drop the 3rd skill for a really heavy damage, and then use the 1st skill to deal more damage on what’s left of the enemy given that it’s still alive.



Figure 6. Frostbite-Rock-Shock Combo


Icy Rock and Shock

Unlike the Frostbite-Rock-Shock combo, this one is for clash. Always ensure that frost is ready then go to a vantage point where Aurora cannot be easily caught or hit, like the bushes or behind teammates. When teammates already engaged in clash, drop the Coldness Destroy with frost to bring heavy magical damage to enemies while immobilizing them, then you attack with your team using Aurora’s 1st skill; since enemies would be very close to each other during clash, the 1st skill is more suitable to use to hit more than 1 target. Again, dropping the 3rd skill is the most important part of the clash, so for this to be very effective, timing is of the essence.



Figure 7. Icy Rock Shock Combo



In choosing which skills you should prioritize for Aurora, always maximize her first skill before your second skill and choose the ultimate next when it is already available. The reason for this is so that you are able to deliver a heavy blow on your enemy when they are escaping since your first skill has a long range that can chase enemies that are running away. In this way you are able to help in clash more effectively by ensuring that all the enemies needed to be killed are killed.










For Aurora’s gears, the following items are the most useful in enhancing her abilities:


Arcane Boots – Gives additional 15 magical penetration and 40 movement speed.


Enchanted Talisman – Gives 50 magic power, 250 HP, and provides 20% CD reduction. It also gives a unique passive ability that regen 10% total of one’s max mana every 10s. This is a must item for aurora since she will be relying with her mana to deliver those massive damage to her enemy as well as lowering the cooldown of her abilities.


Fleeting Time – Gives 70 magic power, 15 mana regen and 10% CD reduction. It also gives a unique passive ability wherein after killing an enemy hero, immediately reduces 20% of current reuse time for all abilities. Since Aurora is a killer mage that can finish an enemy in one blow, this item would greatly help her in spamming her skills by reducing the reuse time of her abilities.


Calamity Repear – Gives 70 magic power, 400 mana, 10% CD reduction. It also provides unique passive ability wherein after using a skill, the next basic attack deals extra true damage equal to 120% magic attack with a cooldown of 1.5s.


Glowing Wand – Gives 75 magic power, 5% movement speed and 15 magical penetration. It also gives a unique passive ability that burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, dealing 2%/2.5%/3% of the target’s current HP as magic damage, at least 10 pts.


Ice Queen Wand – Gives 75 magic power, 15 mana regen and 7% movement speed. It also gives a unique passive ability wherein skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times.



     Flicker                 Petrify

Flicker is most suitable for Aurora since she has no escape skill and its movement speed is quite slow. This is her life-saver and at the same time, her ace in killing. When Aurora is being chased, you can use flicker to escape. But first, freeze the enemy before flickering for a safer distance. On the other hand, Aurora can also flicker towards an enemy that has low HP for a kill. Freeze then hit.

For petrify, you can use this for situational cases. For example if most of your enemies does not have enough range heroes and they use mostly close ranged heroes, you can use this battle spell to create a combo for your skills, this is very effective when you haven’t fully charge your stunning passive ability, you can use this as a substitute to execute your skill combo since the stun duration for this is 0.7s with bonus damage of 115-325 magic damage. Aside from using it as a combo for your skill, you can also use this as your escape skill to buy you more time.



Aurora is a mage hero and using the common mage emblem would greatly enhance the effects of her skills. Additional magic power is a must in order to deal more damage to enemies. Minimizing her skill’s cooldown reduction also makes her more dangerous to the other team as she would be able to spam her skills and use frost more often. Since Aurora is a vulnerable hero, having Spell Vamp would keep her alive while fighting and getting attacked. Also, she is not just quite a delicate queen but also a slow-moving one. Her attack and movement speeds need to be enhanced for her to attack well and at the same time defend herself better. Lastly, an additional magic penetration makes her ability effects more

hurtful, dealing greater damage to enemies.

The common magic emblem provides the following boost for your hero’s advantage.

Magic Power – Provides additional 17 magic power at maximum level

 Cooldown (CD) Reduction – Provides additional 5% CD reduction at maximum level

Spell Vamp – Provides additional 5% spell vamp at maximum level

 Movement Speed – Provides additional 2% movement speed at maximum level

Magical Penetration – Provides additional 13 magical penetration at maximum level



Talent Points

Since the latest update for the game, the emblem sets were boosted with additional talent points that provide additional improvements to heroes, making them stronger in battle.



Flow          Mastery         Agility


The first row of talent points are Flow (Magic power pts), Mastery (Cooldown reduction) and Agility (Movement speed). I recommend agility as your perfect choice for the talent points since cooldown reduction has already been given on your recommended gears giving a total of 40% maximum already. Although giving heavy damage to enemy is important, you also need survivability in which the movement speed enhancement can offer.



                                                                                                                              Observation      Catastrophe       Contract

The second row of talent points are observation (Magical penetration), Catastrophe (Magic power in %) and Contract (Spell vamp). For the second row, I recommend for you to get the contract talent points that provide you additional boost on your spell vamp, in this way you are able to regenerate your health each time you cast a spell. If you notice from the gears that you have chosen, you don’t have any item that will provide your health regeneration.




Once you have chosen the following talent points you want, you can also choose additional passive ability for your heroes.


Golden Touch – Gain an extra 16 gold from minion kills. This effect disappears after 10 minutes of the gameplay.



Magic Worship – When dealing damage that is more than 10%  of target’s max HP for 3 times in 5 seconds, burns the target 3 times, each burn dealing 82 – 250 magic damage. This effect has a 20s cooldown.


Impure Rage – Dealing damage with skills will deal damage equal to 4% of the target’s current HP as magic damage, and restores 3% of your mana. This effect can only trigger once every 5s.


You can never go wrong when picking which of this additional passive ability for Aurora, but for my recommendation, I would suggest Impure rage since it provides a passive ability that would complement her heavy damage since it provides additional damage from your skills, it also helps you restore your mana each time your skill hits the enemy.




Best teammates - Aurora is good with fighter or tank heroes like Ruby, Tigreal, who have the ability to catch and gather heroes in a certain location. Since timing is very important for the Icy Rock and Shock combo to be successful, these two heroes are the best setter before Aurora releases the Coldness Destroy. When Ruby hooks heroes or Tigreal catches and gathers them in a certain point, it is when Aurora best drop her frosted 3rd skill.


      Ruby              Tigreal



For mage heroes, Odette or Eudora are her best buddies. Imagine Aurora’s frosted ultimate and Odette’s or Eudora’s 3rd skill. It would be a total hell for enemies inside that area of damage.


   Odette               Eudora


Counters - She can counter many heroes depending on the situation of the game but her most favorite target in the game is Layla because she does not have any escape skills to get away from Aurora’s massive magical damage and also Karina because her immunity is only for basic attacks which makes her an easy target for mage heroes especially Aurora who can deliver an instant kill with her combo.


      Layla                Karina


Countered by - Aurora can be countered by Diggie and any Assassin. Diggie’s ultimate negates Aurora’s passive, the frost. So when she drops her ultimate skill with frost and Diggie uses its 3rd skill, it doesn’t freeze the enemies. On the other hand, since assassins have the ability to move very fast or even conceal themselves, Aurora cannot easily freeze them, and ends up getting killed. Hayabusa, Fanny, Lancelot, and Guishion, and Natalia are her worst enemies.


   Diggie            Hayabusa        Lancelot             Fanny             Guishion


Aurora is a really powerful mage and very easy to use. She is a great help in controlling clashes by giving heavy damage to enemies while freezing them, disabling them for a few seconds. She can stand a one-on-one as long as you know how to keep your distance and use the frost well. Always remember that timing is key. But, since she’s a crowd-controller and has AOE damage, she better be present in a team fight. When partnered with good hero players, Aurora can be the silent killer in the bushes.

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