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Crowd Controlling







Passive Skill - Mister Cat's Gift :

Nana and her allies receives 10 gold every 10 seconds.



1st Skill - Magic Dart :

Throws a boomerang that damages the enemies back and forth and slowing them down.



Speed up your farming with this. Use it to clear lanes much faster and easier. You can also use this to:


ANNOY your enemies by damaging them as they try to farm at the same time to gradually lower their health.



CHASE an enemy, as it can slow them down without using any other skills to save some mana.



2nd Skill - Molina Smooch :

Summons molina in the selected area. After a little delay, it chases an enemy hero to turn them into a cat spirit also reducing their armor and magic resistance.




Disable an enemy for Nana to be able to cast her skills into the target more easily. You can also use this for:


GANKING enemies to aid your allies.



INTERRUPT an enemy in every fight.



And most of all, for SURVIVAL.



3rd Skill - Molina Blitz :

Summons a paw on the ground, lifting and throwing the enemies up in the air.




Best to use this in an area with multiple enemies to disable them all at once also to interrupt casting enemies.



first, use the 2nd skill to disable the enemy. Your allies can start attacking the target after turning it into a cat.



Then use her 3rd skill to easily hit the target. Never waste time.  Continue attacking the disabled target to maximize the use of Nana's skills.



Use her 1st skill to triple the damage while slowing down the target’s movement speed.



Hit them with basic attacks to gradually deal some damage.



If the 1st skill already finished its cooldown, use it again to the target to give the final blow.




Always max the 1st skill beforehand, then max the 2nd skill and level up the 3rd skill if it's available.



Nana has skills that can turn the tides of the battle, so better enhance her magical powers and cooldown reduction to release her full potential.


You can try buyingat the start of the game to help your ally kill jungle monsters much faster.


Magic Shoes - Adds magic damage and movement speed.

Holy Crystal - Another magic damage increase and after a skill hits a target, magic attack will immediately increase to 15%. The next skill damage will terminate this effect.

Lightning Truncheon - Mana regeneration and every 6 seconds the next magical ability will deal 150% magic damage.

Concentrated Energy - Spell vamp and regeneration of health every use of skills. The heal is higher if an enemy hero is killed.

Glowing Wand - Magic power, magic penetration and an aftereffect that burns the target after hitting them with a skill.

Blood Wings - Increases dramatically the magical powers of Nana also adds 2 health for every 1 point of magic power added.



Always keep spamming the first skill when available to deal damage per second, with this item, the damage of Nana’s skills will be a lot higher, even the ultimate deals a devastating amount of damage.



Flicker - Blink in or away from your enemies. Useful in either escaping or chasing a target.

Purify - Removes the negative buffs and make Nana immune from disabling spells for a limited time.

Sprint - In case you don't have flicker yet. Use this to escape or chase enemies by increasing your movement speed.



Magical Emblem Set


If you want to be a damage dealer you can choose this set to deal a lot of magic damage to your enemies, providing cooldown reduction, mana regen and spell vamp also every minions killed increases the health and mana of nana making her stronger and tougher.


Support Emblem Set


If you want to support your teammates in the battlefield you can use this emblem set as this provides movement speed, hybrid regeneration and a decrease of time in respawning to be always there when your allies needs help.



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