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On the barren Megalith Wastelands, all one can see are the giant rocks and the sparse bushes, but this desolate land is where Hilda and her people call home. The land\'s infertile soil required everyone in the clan to become a good hunter in order to acquire precious meat. Born with great strength, Hilda soon became the leader of the hunting party and led her people to harvest great amounts of food. ########However, an unknown power in their territory drove wild animals into a frenzy and it became more and more difficult to hunt. Eventually, crazy beasts started to attack the clan. As the patriarch\'s premonition of a crisis started to become a reality, Hilda was forced to search for new habitats. With the hopes and dreams of the tribe on her back, she headed to the Land of Dawn, and with her rich hunting experience, she became a mercenary of great reputation and expertise. Her only wish is to find a new home for her people and to fight for their future.

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    Karina Hilda can be teamed up with any hero but it would be better if she will be teamed up with heroes who can cope up with her movement speed when she uses Combat Ritual or with heroes who have disables like she does. It would also be better if she is teamed up with assassins who can hide in a bush where she’s also hiding and focus on the backline of the enemy’s team. It would be an easy 4v5 once that their target is dead since Hilda’s cc + Assassins damage is a very deadly combination
    Layla Hilda counters heroes which are squishy and has low mobility. Most of them are mages, assassins and marksmen since they deal a lot of damage yet are very easy to kill as well. She can focus on targeting the backline which consists of the said roles since they are to be protected and destroy the enemy’s play since tanks are useless without damage dealers.
    Karrie Hilda is countered by heroes who deals damage based on the enemy’s HP such as Balmond and Karina, and by heroes who have lots of armor penetration, mostly marksmen such as Moskov, Karrie and Roger. Support such as Diggie with its crowd control abilities and its ultimate skill which is like a purify for all allies also counters Hilda since her crowd control skills are useless while the skill is in-effect.
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