Estes is a support that can heal his ally. With his heal, he can help and support his team effectively in lane and in team fights. His Ultimate Skill allows him to heal all of his nearby allies; this makes him really effective and useful.

Getting a Emblem Set with a proper stats that is really effective and suited for Estes is one key factor that can help him in unleashing his best. And as we all know, the Custom Support Emblem is the most suited set for him. It gives a lot of effective stats which is needed by Estes to full-fill his duty in terms of assisting his team mates.


Custom Support Emblem Set


Talent Info



This talent gives 1.50%/3%/5% CD Reduction.

Tips: Adding points on this talent will reduce Estes’s skills cooldown. He can use his heal more.



This talent gives 3%/6%/10% bonus healing effects.

Tips: Adding points on this talent will increase Estes’s healing. It can restore more lost HP, greater chances of survival.


Healing Hand

This talent grants special effects. Healing an ally or granting a shield, increases physical attack and magic attack by 12-40 (increases with levels) for 4 seconds. This effect has 10 seconds cooldown.

Tips: Adding point on this talent will Estes’s team by buffing their physical and magic attack. With his Ultimate skill that can heal his whole team, it can buff the whole team as well.

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