Grock – Fortress Titan

Hero Speciality

· AOE damage

· AOE crowd control

· Strong wave clear

· High Defence

· Good Roamer


I. Skill tips and trick

Passive: Ancestral Gift


When Grock is near a wall or turret, his movement speed increases by 10%, he also gains increased physical and magic resistances and increased HP regen by 23-135 pts (this effect scales with level).

Note: One of the most unique skill in mobile legend. Ancestral gift significantly increases Grock armor and magic resist as long as he stays around a wall or turret. The movement speed bonus is also very useful for Grock to roam around the map; you can easily help your teammates at other lanes. So, if possible please stay around the wall or tower to fully utilize Grock passive skill potential.

1st active skill: Power of nature



Raises weapon to sweep nearby enemies, dealing 300/360/420/480/540/600 physical damage and slowing them down for 2/2/2/2/2/2 seconds. Damage scales with charge time. Stay near to a wall while casting this skill to become immune to Crowd Control effects.


This is your bread and butter skill; one of the strongest level 1 skill in mobile legend. Power of nature is the main reason why Grock is very powerful during early game as it can easily wave clear one minion wave in just 5 seconds. In addition, its damage can be considered as one of the strongest level 1 AOE skill damage in this game. So this is very useful when you want to force level 1 enemy’s jungle and steal enemies blue buff.

Experienced enemies will try to run away or CC you when they see your Grock channelling your power of nature. So, I recommend you to collaborate this skill together with Grock passive for movement speed bonus and CC resistance.

2nd active skill: Guardian Barrier


Fires a shockwave towards a target location, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 physical damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that blocks the enemies for 5/5/5/5/5/5 second.


Guardian Barrier can be used for:

· Zoning out enemies from objective (tower, turtle, lord)

· Trapping enemies

· Splitting enemies into 2 during team fight, which will disrupt their pace and formation.

· Peeling your teammates from danger.

Guardian barrier is arguably the most difficult skill among Grock kits. If use correctly, Grock can potentially change the outcome of team fight or even game result. However, if use wrongly, it will negatively impact your own team.


Ultimate skill: Wild Charge


Charges forward, dealing 300/400/500 physical damage to enemies on the path. Hitting a wall or a turret allows him to deal 600/800/1000 physical damage to the nearby enemies and reduce cooldown of this skill by 30%/30%/30%


Wild charge is Grock main initiation skill. Combined this skill with second skills for maximum impact. In most cases, try to hit tower or wall for 30% less cooldown and maximum damage. However, this skill also can be used to escape or peel for your teammates.

Skill build recommendation

Max 1st skill>>> this is your bread and butter skill usually during early games, so I recommend you to max this skill early

Max 2nd skill

Level up ultimate when available>>> It applies to almost every hero in mobile legend; always level up ultimate skill when available as it is considered the most powerful.


II. Skill Combo and gameplay strategy

Early Games

This is the strongest phase for Grock. At 30s, leash blue buff for your assassin team mate in your jungle. Usually, one fully channelled power of nature and several auto attack is good enough. By doing this, your assassins will have faster jungle rate and he/she can reach level 4 faster, which is extremely important for assassins or jungle heroes. Alternatively, you can coordinate with your teammates to invade enemy jungle blue buff. As mentioned before, Grock is one of the strongest level one heroes in the game due to his passive and 1st active skill. You will excel in level one skirmish especially in the jungle whereby space is extremely narrow.

After helping your assassins with their jungle buff, you should immediately go to lane and clear your minion wave with your first skill. As I mentioned before, this hero really good at wave clearing, just use your first skill twice and voila all minions dead and you can roam to other lanes or disrupt enemy jungler.




Keep looking at your mini map as your team might need your assistance anytime soon by this point. Try to stick around the wall for maximum defence and movement speed.

During the team fight, spam your 1st skill try to hit as many enemies as possible and wisely use your 2nd skill depending on your circumstances. Remember your primary goal is to create space for your damage dealers.

Grock does not have many combos, one combo that I can think of is 2nd skill followed by ultimate immediately. This is the greatest initiation combo for Grock.

Late Game



Similar to mid game, try to find a good opportunity for good initiation. During this phase, one good team fight initiation can determine the game outcome. Also, don’t forget to peel for your damage dealer with either your 1st skill (slow enemies), 2nd skill (blocking enemies), ultimate (knocking enemies).

III. Gear Guide


Boots of Tranquillity> Demon’s Advent> Athena Shield> Heart of Steel> Immortality>Dominance Ice

When playing tank heroes, I always buy one armor item (220gold) and one magic resist (220 gold) at the start of the game to ensure your early game tankiness.

Boots of tranquillity: Grock mana consumption is pretty high, you need boot of tranquillity for your mana sustainability. After purchasing this boot, you can easily spam your 1st skill for wave clearing and harassing enemies during early game phase.

Athena Shield: Athena Shield is one of the best defensive item in the game. It provides you +900hp +56 magic res +20 hp regen, on top of that it also gives you 1150 shield that can absorb more damage. In term of stats per gold, this item is one of the most valuable one

Heart of steel: for -20% critical rate reduction, additional armor and extra health. This item is very useful especially when you are facing against marksman. If enemy team does not have marksman, you switch this item with another defensive item

Immortality: More magic resist and useful passive. Its passive can give you second chance in case you make any blunder.

Dominance Ice: Slowing enemies, more armor, more mana. Very useful for tank like Grock.



IV. Battle Spell



Additional crowd control very good for 5v5 team fight or peeling your carries from enemy assassins. You can also combo: 2nd skill> Ultimate> petrify> 1st skill. This is the longest combo hero like Grock can do XD



Flicker is always a decent choice for any heroes in mobile legend. The mobility it offers is invaluable. For Grock you can surprise enemies and initiate a fight more easily by using flicker.



V. Emblem and Talent



I’m using tank emblem for my Grock, and my tree is like this. I maxed out my “shield” for +12magic resist, because by right without any item your magic resist basic stats will be much lower than your armor.

Then I choose “tenacity” out of 3 last option. “tenacity” is the main reason why I chose this emblem over other emblems for Grock. “Tenacity” (When health is below 40%, gains extra 35 points of physical and magical defense), in my opinion this is extremely important for survivability.



VI. Hero Relationship

Good teammates

Most damage heroes would love having Grock in their team as he provides extra protection and has a lot of AOE skills.

Countered by

Tank counter: Karrie and Karina

Heroes with high mobility, such as Kagura, Lancelot, Gusion. Grock does not have gap closer skill (only ultimate skill, but it is not reliable for closing the gap)

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