Lord Of The Seven Seas - Bane

Hero Speciality-


•Good Ganker



•Hybrid Fighter


When to chose and when not-

•It's recommended that not to chose Bane when enemy team has too many crowd controlling Heroes.

•It's recommended to chose Bane When your team needs a hybrid Fighter who can absorb damage and in return deal good amount of damage.

•You must pick Bane when enemy has Heroes with no escape skills.



Passive- Shark bite 

•Every 6 seconds bane's blade is infused with tidal energy. When active his next basic attack deals 60-90% extra damage and deals additional splash damage to nearby enemies.

• When you attack an enemy with a skill an 'ink’ will appear on them attacking enemies with ink mark will reduce Shark Bites Cooldown


When you see his blade shining it means his passive is active.


Ink mark appears on enemy heroes and jungle monsters when you use your skills on them.


The splash damage from his passive also splashes on the turrets so you can use it for pushing.

•It is advised to ink mark an enemy before basic attacking them so that you can spam your basic attacks.

•You can use your passive to last hit an escaping enemy and minions.


Here I'm using enemy turret to last hit escaping enemy with the help of splash damage from my passive.

Skill 1-Crab claw cannon


•Fires crab claw cannon in a specified direction dealing 225(160% Physical attack) physical damage and after hitting an enemy or reaching its max reach cannon shall will scatter and deal some damage to targets. When hit by it enemy will be slowed down.



Normal cannon and scattered cannon shell.


•This skill is very useful as it has good range.Use this skill to last hit an enemy or for chasing them with the help of slow down effect.

•You can use this skill to poke an enemy in their turret or you can use this skill to steal jungle monsters.


Last hitting an escaping enemy.


Skill 2- Rum


Ban drinks rum immediately restoring health by 260(220%of magic power) and spits it out dealing 100(120% Physical attack) - 225(270 Physical attack) magical damage the damage from the spit will increase the longer he brews rum.


Bane using his second skill.

•Use this skill to quickly Clear the minion waves.

•When you see the red bar below bane that's when it will take max damage. It has a 5 second duration so keep checking the red as it indicates when your skill ends.

•This skill is MVP skill as because of this bane can be tanky and deal good amount of damage.

•You can use this skill to surprise attack an enemy or for poking them in their turret.

Ultimate-Deadly Catch


Harnesses tidal energy. Each attack hits Upto 2 enemies dealing 80(50% physical attack) physical damage. Deals 15% damage to turrets.


•This is the skill which makes bane a pusher use this skill to quickly destroy turrets as it deals 15% of it's damage to turrets.

•You can use this skill to slow down a squishy hero and with the help of your other skill finish them.

•Use this skill when ganking.



Skill Combo-

Skill 1 Basic attacks

Skill 2 Basic attacks

Skill 3 Basic attacks

•Always use a skill before basic attacks as it will mark enemy with ink which helps you spam your passive.


Main combo - Skill 2-Basic attack-Skill 3-Basic attack.




•Position your second skill to deal max damage use basic attacks to activate passive which also slows down enemies then use Ultimate to stop them from escaping and finish them.

Main combo 2-Basic attack-skill 2-skill 1



•Basic Attack the enemy to slow down and activate passive.

•Use your second skill to deal max damage.

•Use 1st skill to finish them.


Skill Growth

•Skill 2 max

•Skill 1 max

•Upgrade Ultimate when available


Recommended Emblem and Gears.


•Custom Physical emblem is best for Bane because of the life drain 

speciality which gives you 3% up on Killing a minion.


Sustained Gear


•You can replace 5th item with as it gives mana armor and deals a little true damage.





•Here also you can replace 6th item with thunderbelt if you want but I recommend this build.


Durable Gear




•You can use Dominance Ice if enemy has more physical.

•Bloodlust axe can be replaced with Rose Gold Meteor  but i recommend Bloodlust axe as it has some lifesteal and 10%cooldown


Must have items

Boots of Tranquility.

Wings of apocalypse queen.


Recommended battle spell-


•No escape skill   •Use when durable build


Hero Relationship-

Best Teammates




Countered by



Extra Tips-

•If you you're playing with squad you can make full attack build on Bane he will be very deadly but requires constant backup.

•Bane is very tanky if you tank build and can easily kill squishy enemies.

•If you want a healer Bane you can build a hybrid build with three magical gears.

•Bane can solo mid lane if you lack solo laners.


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