Role: Marksman


Speciality: Reap/Burst


Build Aim:

Early(1st two slot): Attack Speed and Movement Speed

(Before going for damage, to have good attack speed is crucial and for good early game farming. To have good Movement Speed early is also important to escape enemy gank, ganking, farming)

Middle(3rd and 4th Slot): Attack Speed, Critical, Lifesteal

( Giving some more attack speed with Crit. At this point, even though high damage item is still not given, Claude will start having effective damage, so giving lifesteal will be OK now if you find the needs)


Late(5th and 6th slot: Penetration, High Damage

(Claude will have enough attack speed, movement, critical which is main important for Marksman, now he can go for Burst Damage Gear)


Core Items: Demon Hunter Sword, Swift Boots & Windtalker



Demon Hunter Sword, Swift Boots and Windtalker are core items of Claude, so always build them first.


Sustain: Giving Lifesteal will makes Claude sustain in fight.


Burst: Windtalker, Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom will gives Claude enough Critical Rate plus Damage.


Anti-Tank: When enemy team pick two durable, Demon HUnter Sword and Malefic Roar will easily take them down.

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