Estes Skill Guide


Scripture of the Moon Elf

Passive Skill


Code of the moon elevs will charge energy into Estes slowly. When it reaches the max stacking layer, it will improve his next basic attack, dealing 450(+150 Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to the target while slowing it down. The damage will ricochet and deall 225(+75% Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to nearby enemies.



As much as possible when you fully stacked the code, hit an enemy hero this is perfect to use in poking.




Moonlight Immersion

First Skill


Restores 250(+30% Total Magic Power) HP for the target immediately and links Estes with it for 3 seconds which will restore 325(+37.5% Total Magic Power) HP for the target slowly. Linking with an ally will also improve the energy charging speed of the Code of Moon Elves. Being too far from the target will break the link.



Starting at 11 seconds. 7 seconds if max skill level.


Instant Heal

250 points and increases by 30 points when upgraded.

400 points max skill level.


Heal Over Time

325 points and increases by 25 points. 450 when max level.



Always heal your teammates when their HP has been reduced.

You can heal yourself too.

Healing your allies when in lane is a big help for you to not go home just to regen HP, waste of time.




Domain of Moon Goddess

Second Skill


A flood of moonlight falls upon the specified area,dealing 350(+70% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Power to enwmy units with it. Afterwards, it turns to a domain of Moon Goddess. Enemies will be slowed down when they tpuch the barrier of the Domain Area.



Starting at 12 seconds. 9.5 seconds if max level.


Base Damage

350 points and increases by 50 points every level. 600 points in max level.



Always use this to poke heroes in lane.

If you chase or being chased, use this to slowdown the enemy.

This is the only damaging skill, use this wisely especially in a team fight.




Blessing of Moon Goddess

Ultimate Skill


Estes becomes the Saint King of Moonlight incarnate for 8 seconds, enhancing Moonlight Immersion. After using Blessing of Moon Goddess, Estes casts an enhanced Moonlight Immersion on surrounding allied heroes. For the duration of Blessing of Moon Goddess, Estes regenerates 1260(+135% Total Magic Power) HP over time.



Starting at 55 seconds and 45 seconds when max level


HP Regen

1260 points in level one, 1620 HP in max level



This skill needs a perfect timing.

When in teamfight:

• Use this when all enemies already engaged and used all their skills

• Use this when your teammate is in below 50% HP, it will be useless if you use this when your teammates are still in almost full HP

• Make sure that when you use this skill, you give your allies a signal that you will be using your ulti

• Or when in a suprise teamfight, go in the middle to cover all your allies

• This can be use as a combo with your first skill, when you use your ulti press the first skill to heal the most injured ally







Level up ULTIMATE when available.






Second Skill 

To slow your enemy and will have a hard time to go near your team.

Ultimate Skill

To instantly heal you and your allies, this gives a instant HP regen which is perfect when one of allies has super low HP.

 First Skill

Use this to the most injured ally.



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